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You are invited to take part in this research project that will enhance our understanding of what makes food meaningful. My name is Francesca Zampollo, and I am an independent researcher. My interest with this research is to listen to people describing the food that is most meaningful to them, to try and discover the reasons why that food becomes meaningful.

It would be great if you chose to share your meaningful food stories with me, with the research community, and possibly with the world. Participation is absolutely voluntary, and you can withdraw your video at any point.


Make a simple 2 or 3-minutes video where you answer this question:

What is your most meaningful food, and why? Show me/describe the food, and the reasons why it is meaningful to you.

Videos can be quickly made with your camera phone. It would be ideal if you could show the food in your video, or maybe just a picture of it, or at least try to give a detailed description.

Remember: I am interested in stories of meaningful food, not favourite food. People’s meaningful food is not necessarily their favourite food. Your favourite food is the food you’d eat all the time because you love it… Like pizza for me! I’d eat it every day! But it’s not particularly meaningful to me. Meaningful food is the food that means something… And it usually becomes meaningful ‘because of something’… A specific flavour, a location, a person (who prepared it or with whom we ate it). Meaningful Food is all about the story behind that food.. The reason why it became so meaningful and so embedded in your memory: that is the interesting part! That part, that story, is always, always, always emotional and beautiful.

Your meaningful food will be from one of three categories:

  1. Home Made: this is anything that was prepared/cooked without the intention of selling it. This is food usually (but not exclusively) made by someone you know.
  2. Catered Food: this is what you eat in establishments like restaurants, cafes, canteens, etc. This is the food that usually is prepared to be eaten from a dish, but it can also be something produced in this establishment’s kitchen, but packaged for you to take away.
  3. Industrially Produced Food: this is the food that (almost) always comes in a packaging, and is sold in supermarkets. This is the food you buy and eat somewhere else.

You don’t really need to worry about these different categories; this distinction is just to give you an idea of how broad the concept of food can be. Whatever your meaningful food is, send in your video!

So, how you can participate:

Think about your meaningful food: what is the food that really means something to you? What is the food that you remember eating? What is the food that you’ll never forget? Think about the reasons why it is so meaningful to you: is it the flavour? The texture? The smell? Is it the environment you ate it in? The service (if applicable)? The atmosphere? Is it the people you were eating it with? The people/person who cooked it? What is the story behind this meaningful food: what happened? Who were the characters in this story? What did you feel? What emotions were created in that moment?

Make your video: use your phone or your laptop or anything easy for you. Answer to this question: What is your most meaningful food, and why? Show me/describe the food, and the reasons why it is meaningful to you. In the video say (or write) only your first name or nickname, and your country of origin. Make sure in your video it’s only you, and nobody else in the background (who didn’t give their consent to be in this video!) If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face in the video, you can for example show the food only, and talk about it from behind the camera. This research, as well as the final Video I will be making, is published in English, so English competence is necessary.

Send me an email: send me an email at letting me know you are interested in participating sending your video.

I will reply to your email with a Consent email to explicitly allow me to use your video for this research. You just need to reply to the email adding your name at the end. Your email address is a sort of digital signature. The text of the consent form is included below under Important Terms and Conditions.

Reply to the Consent email and send me the video at your earliest convenience.

Once I have both, I will publish the video on my YouTube channel, and possibly on this website. Done! =)

Download here more information including the text of the Consent email: ISMFInformationSheet


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