Ever since I decided to quit my job, sell everything, and buy my first one-way ticket to pursue this dream of travelling to collect stories of meaningful food, the list of countries I want to visit has kept growing.

I believe immensely in this project. I simply love meeting people and listen to them; I feel privileged to be able to collect them, and eternally grateful to the people who choose to share them with me. These stories are gifts to me, and my videos gifts for you.

But this project is expensive too! I’m not a full time tourist around the world… I have a small budget, set aside in these years of work, and that I want to make last for as long as possible. To save money I volunteer in exchange for food and accommodation, I choose low budget flights, and when I need to stay somewhere I use couchsurfing and hostels.

If you like this project, and you’re feeling generous, you can support this project in a couple of ways. I assure you that any funds will be used strictly for essential aspects of this project, like food for me to remain alive! =)

If you have a PayPal account, you can make a donation to my account. This is the email you can use to make the payment to my account: (Please note that this email address is for PayPal only, if you want to get in touch please use the contact form in this website from the menu above). Click here and you’ll be directed to paypal:


If you’re interested in Food Design Thinking, you can purchase Thoughts For Food, a tool I have designed that aids and triggers creativity when designing food or for food.